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Upson Downs Mining Electrical Pty Ltd

ABN 231 592 211 37

Civil Aviation Safety Authority UAV OPERATOR'S CERTIFICATE No.


Upson Downs Imaging Services


Upson Downs Mining Electrical Pty Ltd trading as Upson Downs Imaging Services can provide thermal inspections of Mining Industrial and commercial installations including electrical, mechanical, pipe ranges, air conditioning plants and many other applications .

  Thermal, .jpg and video images can be taken from ground level using the best quality FLIR T640 thermal imaging cameras that we use OR images can be taken from the air using the same high quality cameras mounted in UAV's (helicopters). These remote controlled helicopters have the manoeuvrability to access places that have been inaccessible till now.

Mick is a member of Australian Professional Thermography Assossiation Inc. (AUSPTA) which has conditions of entry and code of practices that are at a professional level second to none in Australia.

    Our Thermal Imaging cameras can give you true indications of what is happening with your installations in the following although they are not limited to these applications :-

  • Switchboards and associated wiring systems
  • High voltage substations, switchyards and associated installations
  • Air Conditioning and cold room installations
  • Pipe range installations
  • Mechanical bearing installations and monitoring
  • Spontaneous combustion of coal stockpiles (With GPS markers)
  • Spontaneous combustion of old Goaf areas above coal mine workings (With GPS markers)
  • Highwall inspections face and edge readings (With GPS markers)
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Agricultural Investigation of livestock health and fire ant control
  • Fire ground operations for hot spot identification (With GPS markers)
  • Search and Rescue operations SES and Police (With GPS markers)